The experience of Motion Photography

With every new innovation, there are various questions that come to mind like how we are going to implement it, what are its applications and how to make the best use of it.bullet apple slow motion

Motion photography has been there in the industry since the early 1900s. Innovators and dreamers from time to time have made amazing implementations of this underrated technology to wow their audiences.

As you can see in this wonderful slow motion capture of a bullet spearing an Apple, you can observe a moment in time space continuum and form an idea of what the bullet does to the apple:

bullet apple slow motion

bullet apple slow motion

But what if you could interact with this motion capture? What if you could reverse the flow of time in picture?

Introducing MOVEs:

Move is a new form of interactive multimedia content file format that we have developed after months of research and hardware dependency testing. Moves allow you to play with the motion captured  in it while recording content from your smartphone.

Moves let you to sense motion in picture, reverse flow of time and see a moment from different angles on touch swipe or flip or wrist.

The direction of motion happening in Move depends on the direction of in which you flip your wrist while viewing the Move. Thus, increasing the immersive interactivity of content with your hand’s motion.

See below a Move of a Tomato being sliced and how you can reverse the moment to see Tomato regaining its shape:

Through Moves we are bringing a new sense of getting engaged with photography content. An immersive reality only limited by our imagination. In coming time, work on AR based Move creation would result in opening portals to a vivid and immersive reality.

Looking forward to your feedback in comments below.


– Team Movense

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