Can You make an Airplane Fly Back in Time?

Plane Sonic Boom Moment

Well you might be thinking what the title is suggesting over here.
Meet Movense!

Movense is a motion capturing photography based social network that lets you share your motion pics (dubbed as Moves) with friends. Moves allow you to play with motion and reverse the flow of moment on touch and flip gesture! Interesting right?

Wait there’s more:

You must have come across videos that allow you to see a plane taking off from an airport right? But was it ever possible to make that plane fly back to where it started. Basically have you ever got the opportunity to reverse the motion of some thing happening in the media content you are playing? No I guess.
Checkout the Move below that breaks the boundaries of interactivity in a pic that has been possible till date:

Try out the selfie and travel mode and share your world like never before with Movense app!

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