Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

The food capital of India never ceases to amaze its visitors and residents with its ever evolving gastronomic enchant. From Italian to Continental to quintessentially Punjabi,the city will spoil you with choices,but nothing savors the tongue like the varieties of street food options the city has to offer. So,here is a list of Top 10 Street Food Places in Delhi you must-try with your friends.

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A renowned gourmet location,located in Chandni Chowk;the heart of Old Delhi,tops the list justifying its name considering the huge number of shops selling parathas. A ten-second takeaway to the yummiest of delights which works perfectly well both to the extent of our taste buds and also pocket.

Top 10 Street Food Places in Delhi

Source: Paranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk,Delhi


Stuffed,appetizing bhaturas with optimally spiced chole and special pickled salad is gonna make it worth all the calories.If you are in Kamla Nagar in the early half of the day then you have to go to this place for lunch since they sell out by noon,each day!

Top 10 Street Food Places in Delhi

Source: Chache di hatti,Delhi


To have a culinary Cultural Roller coaster ride,you needn’t go anywhere but head straight to Dilli haat near INA.The place is a perfect resort when one looks forward to tasting delicacies from all states of the country. From North Indian Thali to seafood from Lakshwadeep across Maharashtrian treats and Rajasthani spices,you name it and you shall have it!

                                                       Source: Dilli Haat,Delhi


It serves super tasty street food with humongous shakes at dirt cheap prices! The menu is vast enough for even a group of ten to not be able to try all the things as there are so many dishes but the most surprising thing is that each and every dish tastes better than the first one. With specifically its Pastas being overwhelming;the Kitkat Shake is a personal favorite!

Top 10 Street Food Places in Delhi

Source: Billu’s Hut in NSP, Delhi


Momo Lovers,Rejoice! Always packed with momo fanatics from across the city,this place serves succulent steamed momos with a fiery chutney which would aptly savor your palate . This place is more of a small stall located in the Central Market leaving no scope for a seating arrangement but the taste would definitely make you go weak in the knees.                                                      Source: Dolma aunty ke momos in Lajpat Nagar,Delhi


The ‘chatpata’ need of the hour should take you straight to this place.Located on the wayward side of Chandni Chowk,the fruit chat and aloo kulla offered by the place do for the minimal effort required in spotting the place. Decently priced as it is,does wonders for the ‘health-conscious’ appetite when in the area.

Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

Source: Bishan Swaroop,Delhi


The Khandani Pakode wala in Sarojini Nagar Ring Road Market is heaven for those who love to gobble down some pakodas. 15-20 types of pakodas to offer at any given time,with the bread pakoda and the paneer pakodas being the pungent properties. The price for these lovely pakodas is  absolutely nothing in comparison to the melt in the mouth substance they offer.

Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

Source: Khandani pakode in Sarojini Nagar Market,Delhi


Hunger Strike needs no introduction. This place probably serves the best tandoori momos in town.Their amazing flavors and quality alongside the chutneys they serve with makes all the difference. There is something about the splendid taste of this place which assures making you wanna come back!

Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

Source: Hunger strike in Amar Colony,Delhi


Chandni Chowk comes back to being every foodie’s choice overload,but that isn’t particularly true for kachori lovers. The place is crowded enough for one to distinctly identify.Their balanced flavors and twist of chillies alongside the mouthwatering sabzi justify their being the bestsellers in town.

Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

Source: Jung bahadur kachori wala,Delhi


A typical Maharashtrian taste blend with a perfect balance of sweet and spice,this place serves lip-smacking Bhel Puri in a Bombay style. Authentic preparation methods with the undeniable charm of chutneys and chat masala,this makes it just the place for you to grab a quick bite on your way.

Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

Source: Bombay Bhelpuri in South Extension,Delhi

Mind that you don’t miss a chance to please your taste buds,when in the area. After all we all know what good food is to a foodie,don’t we? 

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