‘A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent upon arriving.’

Exploring the unseen has always drove the human mind into a completely different dimension, picturing oneself in the midst of diverse cultures and exquisitely different foods yet left to relish,over the course of life left. Keeping track of the so in-trend ‘wanderlust’ component that works as the driving force to our traveler insight’s zenith,we often lose hold of the fact that it isn’t the destination that’s important,but, the journey. We, the travelers, tend to get so attached to our goals, forgetting that it is the entire experience of travelling that is to be taken delight in,forgetting what it would take to be a ‘good traveler’. It anyhow is imperative to have goals, or else we wouldn’t have reason enough to travel but that doesn’t make us not want to “Stop and smell the roses.”Give it some thought.Does it?

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Think of this as your journey hiking to a hilltop.Considering the number of people you believe to be in ‘competition’ with you,makes you want to hurry your way up whereas the others stop for capturing scenic views and a round of chuckles every now and then on their way up. Do you come to face with the fact that while recollecting memories, it wouldn’t be about making your way up first but the price of the conviviality of the people you’d never met before and gotten to know,that you’d have to carry at some faraway thought? All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.The human psyche bears a perspective that it develops over its existence and the fear of not being the best makes it want to hustle to the final destination completely ignorant to what he misses out at its expense. The traveler sees what he sees,the tourist sees what he has come to see,and that is what makes all the difference.

Isn’t just a mood flex enough to want to make you plan a getaway,both physically and also spiritually?Let us have goals and lay out vigorous, flexible plans to reach those goals.  Let us even draw blueprints to attain our goals or destinations, but let us not be so rigid and attached to arriving, especially through a single fixed path that we don’t enjoy the journey to our destination.Real happiness is found on the way and not at the end of the road.

Remember,there is no finished pose to strive for as long as it’s the heart that’s content in the journey making it certain that,”A Good Traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

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