1. Choose the perfect selfie poses

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Selfie poses are a pretty important part of taking the right photo. You can’t just point your smartphone camera at your face and capture a great photo without thinking things through. We could give you a list of selfie poses to try, but the most promising strategy is to experiment with angles and vantage points to find the poses that are the most flattering for you. Try turning the right side of your face toward your camera, and then try the left. Check out what happens if you hold your phone slightly higher or lower than usual.

It’s the perfect illustration that models not only know how to take a good selfie but also are unafraid to do what works for them each time they hit the shutter button. Doesn’t checking out Kim Kardashian’s tips sound like the right thing to do?

2. Try to keep things looking natural

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No matter your favorite selfie poses, you’ll want to keep things looking natural. We’ve all seen people twisting themselves into unflattering, unnatural poses to take a selfie. But if you’re straining to sustain the pose or hold your phone, you’re doing something wrong. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you should run out and buy a selfie stick.

The beauty of experimenting with selfie poses is you’ll probably find one or two you like best. As you use those poses repeatedly, they’ll feel more familiar and natural. It’s a great idea to keep things simple and to pick a pose that’s comfortable and flattering, whether you’re sitting, standing, or even relaxing on the couch. If you feel a little silly taking a selfie, that’s a sign you’re taking yourself too seriously. Focusing too much on looking your best can get in the way of of taking a fun selfie.

3. Make sure your face isn’t too close to the camera

young family takes a selfie on the floor

You can’t take a flattering selfie with your face too close to the camera — at least not if you don’t want your nose to look to big or eyebrows to look weird. But few of us know why.  The parts of your face that are closer to the camera look larger than the features on the rest of your face. That explains why it’s your nose, not your ears, that might look too big.

4. Look for bright lighting

Blogger demonstrates how to take a good selfie

When you’re first figuring out how to take a good selfie, lighting doesn’t seem like the most important thing. But trust us: Great lighting is just as important as good selfie poses. All photographers, no matter their subject matter, know natural light is almost always best. You should look for the kind of bright light you’ll get by standing right next to a window. Another useful tip? Look straight toward the light source to avoid weird or unflattering shadows.

When you look for the right lighting to take a selfie, you also should pay attention to the background. The right background will add interest without being too busy. Usually, the best background will either be super simple or very interesting. When you scout out the right selfie-taking spot, choose a location with bright, flattering light. And look for a background that offers visual interest and also communicates why you chose to take a selfie.

5. Make your photos look great — just don’t add too many filters

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Whether you’re looking in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, there’s a practically endless array of apps that can make your photos exquisite and social profiles satisfactory. You can download apps that offer great color filters, or pick one that helps you create great black-and-white photos. Alternately, you can pick a versatile editing app, or choose one that’s designed to make your selfies look perfect.

Whatever app you choose, we have an important piece of advice: Don’t add too many filters. Even if you’re just comparing the filters built in to Instagram, you have plenty of options.There’s nothing wrong with making some light edits to your photo or adding a filter. Just don’t pile on every filter that’s available. You still want the photo to look at least a little bit natural.

6. Keep taking selfies

Young man learns how to take a good selfie

Even if you learn everything there is to know about how to take a good selfie, you might not get a perfect photo every time. That’s OK. There’s a pretty easy solution: Just take more selfies. People who routinely photograph themselves end up being more comfortable with the way they look in photos. They also gradually learn to make their photos turn out the way they want.

As you get more used to seeing photos you’ve taken of yourself, you’ll likely find that they look more natural over time. You’ll get more comfortable with the way you look in those photos, and you’ll probably find it’s easier to have fun when you’re taking a photo. If that’s not the point of taking a selfie, then we don’t know what is. Have fun, and be yourself. That’s always a better look than doing something cliched just to feel like you’re part of a trend.

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I guess we’ll all have quite a few points in mind the next time we hold up a phone to click,no?