How has Photography evolved over time?

If to be given a thought,how do we think has photography evolved over time? Exponentially along numerous paths,attaining levels of perfection and innovation that one could not believe existed in time,would be an ideal answer here.

Photography is slowly becoming an extremely powerful tool when it comes to communication and visually expressing one’s self.  New photographs are taken every with Flickr and Instagram becoming well-known platforms in which people choose to express themselves through pictures. A phone now plays a major role when it comes to sharing photos with friends or family! There also continues to be amazing new software that allows users to easily upload and edit photos. Way beyond what Nicéphore Niépce had in mind in 1816,eh?

Over not more than the past one year,with product taking backstage and storytelling playing the lead, we also find long format digital films becoming the norm with video content being the heart of evolution.Not only has the quality of visual content improved but also henceforth made brand connect today interesting. And yet,a 16 lens camera in 1887 at a workshop in Leeds would have never considered recent  live photography platforms like Instagram boomerang,Movense and Dubsmash. Movense is a motion photography based social network catering to the needs of users to express and share their life events (parties), surroundings (travel, animals, nature, food and fashion) and emotions (selfies) in a more

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But to the credit of virtual reality, the industry has kept up. But we can be sure that the developments are just getting underway. Who knows what new technical wizardry is ahead for the photography world. It is sure to be a fun ride, no matter what the future holds.Nothing as yet has been ruled out! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what we can expect from the future.

To be honest, who knows what’s next?

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