India vs Bangladesh: What are the odds?

Smitten by the sport,prevalent to every nook and corner of the country, exists a fancied-yet-ironical religion: CRICKET. The cricket fever driving this nation is phenomenal,recent witness to the statement being the India vs Bangladesh match,deciphering entry to the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, to be held sooner than later. What are the odds?

Semi finals striking around the corner,what are the mere possibilities of an Indian not believing already that we WOULD make it through.The praiseworthy and incredible past performances bind to leave us inclined towards believing to have attained victory heretofore. That being said,you can easily imagine the impatience that’d send shivers down the spines in just a couple of hours!

What does Bangladesh do when they play their first major international at the semifinal stage of a world cricket tournament? “Hope for the best, of course”, in Mashrafe Mortaza’s words.Alongside making sure to keeping the “excitement under check” and saying that there was great hype around the India vs Bangladesh clash, Mortaza also said “not Bangladesh, India are the team under pressure.” Evolution of  humans lay witness to the fact that people who know little are usually great talkers,while men who know much say little. Need I say more?

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Although recent records between India and Bangladesh see a pair of wins for both nations, Bangladesh’s ability to keep their excitement in check on what surely will be their greatest day in international cricket will be tested. But then we Indians are so nostalgic about cricket that just the thought of an eventful match gives us the feels of frissons of excitement just by looking at one;and today happens to be one of those days! All eyes on the screen with clenched fists is the ideal expected situation if you just so happen to be a cricket fanatic or probably more of an Only-Indian-Cricket-fanatic!Divided by religion, united by cricket. Enough said.

Not forgetting the rightly said,’Never Celebrate before Winning’,but that certainly does not stop one from sitting with clenched fists,fighting nausea and enjoying the thrill of what might just turn out to be a strenuously action-packed duel.Foreseeing victory,may the best team win!



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