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Set your Move as a Interactive Live Wallpaper on Android and Ios Smartphone

With Apple exclusively putting its own unique spin on the Live Images mode of motion capturing lately,Live photos are the leading edges.What exactly would be a live photo?A Live Photo is essentially a way to bring your photos to life by capturing a few seconds of video when you’re taking a photo on your Phone. More or less like a Gif, live photos can also capture audio at the same time. If you’ve used a Nokia Lumia phone recently, then it’s very similar to the Living Images mode.

One such app that enables an Android as well as an iOS user to experience the ultimate live photos’ capturing is ‘Movense- Live Photos‘! Not only does one get to view the ‘moves’ captured by him through and on the app,but now also has the cutting edge of having it putten as one’s screen’s wallpaper! Beyond belief,ain’t it? Live wallpapers are animated and typically interactive backgrounds that provide ever-changing screens to keep your phone dynamic. A longtime Android feature, live wallpapers can change once in awhile or every time you move your finger on the screen.

Taking the privilege to introduce you to this non-identical experience,here’s a simple tutorial which will guide you on how to create Live Photos on Android as well as iOS using the Movense App –




First of all Download & Install the Movense App. Live Photo Maker App from Google Play from the link below Click here to download the Movense app!

Once you have downloaded the app , it will present you with two bubbles as shown in the alongside image “Login with facebook” & “Login with google”.









Movense, How to see Moves using Motion gestures      Movense App Home screen

After having seen a quick tutorial of how to create a ‘move’, if you intend to create a Live Photo of the current moment tap on the purple button on the bottom right.









Once you have clicked on the button, it will now start Capturing your Live photo as shown in the below figure(on the left) with you also being able to use the white icon to flip from front to rear camera and vice versa.

Furthermore,you can bring into play various Photo filters like Glow, Vertigo, Hueso, Binary& GreyScale before proceeding with uploading your captured move.






Once it’s done,you can now view your captured move on your Movense profile after putting up a caption and choosing categories with a maximum of two,and sharing it!













Update – Live Wallpaper :













Movense has now launched a new Special feature which enables you to put a captured move as your wallpaper! Live Photo, where in you can have your own pictures moving live within frames of your screen!

Fascinating,isn’t it?!


Checkout the experience video of how you can set your Move as an Interactive Live Wallpaper on your smartphone:


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