Sunsets and the Charm they hold!

Certain it is, Darkness descends life unending. Yet,there are so many things oblivious to the naked eye. There’s got to be something that makes one want to think and rethink about the soothing effect witnessing the sunset gives to their mind and soul, ponder over sunsets and the charm they hold for humanity at large!  Think of a sunset as a pacifier to our otherwise schedule caused monotonous lives. Does the thought of such a feeling strike a chord? No matter how much one’s ego doesn’t allow the need for introspection to arise, our end points meet there alone. Toning down like the shelter from the rain of thoughts and doubts preoccupying your mind all day long or like the pills used to drive away the pain or like the breakthrough from the monotony in life. What we seek,varies. But what remains in common is the need for relief and the dire want to make the feeling go away with the breeze that soothes the heart and the clouds’ soliloquy.

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A sunset is the envisioning part of the new day. Also symbolic of the beauty and mystery of life itself, the setting sun is nature’s way of reminding humanity about the forces of good and evil coexisting in the universe. The ephemeral upkeep of faith despite failure takes us back to the darkness dusk brings with itself, in hope of dawn. Not forgetting that the setting sun along with marking the end of day, brings with itself the promise of a brand new beginning.


Source: Movense

The break of day might as well symbolize the end of a beautiful day but also instill a sense of loss. After the most spectacular moment in a sunset heralding in the new day comes. Yet, ironically how often does it strike our minds to resort to the darkness to help us find our ways out?

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