The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go for capturing Live Photos !

The constantly changing scenes, the dips and rises of terrain and towns and freeway exits, the tunnel of road that becomes a screen for your imagination, alongside the picturesque embarked in our minds forever, linking each to a fonder memory created. What John Muir had in mind when he wrote “The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go for capturing Live Photos !” still remains unfathomable to his free spirit and observant will to understand nature. Still wondering what is it that makes you go back to the mountains?

Source: Movense
What’s interesting is how looking back on these trips, events tend to arrange themselves around certain moments. And these moments are almost always the same archetypes. Don’t you feel your mind screaming out sometimes to give it a break? Time and again, it has been proven that nature is a great stress-buster. It works just like detox, where some part of you wants to willingly give up worldly worries. Besides, travelling to get to a beautiful place gives you time and energy enough to rearrange your thoughts out and put everything into perspective.

Source: Movense

Throughout history, mountains have symbolized constancy, eternity, firmness and stillness. There just happens to be something about the majestic aura that makes one connect to the place. Desperate hopes groping on to the light at the end of the tunnel, in foresight to seek serenity and repose in one’s mind and soul is reason enough to want to make one travel and endeavor, to see the unseen. The fact that the world around us keeps changing, yet there remains something, somewhere that remains the same!

Living with introspection and self-criticism in the bustling streets, we’ve started to link the two together. And yet, ironically the truth of attaining peace lies in exaggeration of one’s belief to find peace in the hills. It is so, isn’t it?


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